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Cup Holder Car Charger Dual Cigarette Lighter Socket Splitter and 2 USB Charging Ports with Battery Tester

Color choices
  • Green
  • White
  • Pink.Yellow
  • Blue

Detailed instructions

Green-CC15055;  White-CC02056;  Pink-CC08057;  Yellow-CC14058;  Blue-CC11059 

Product Features

1. Small Pots Look Creative: small potted design and love beverage cup holder fully integrated and do not account for car space.

2. Vertical Plug Dual USB Design Creativity: a reasonable allocation of current dual-USB2.1A + 1A output power supply, which can be the same time for mobile phones, flat-panel charging, USB design in the cup's face cover and easy vertical plug.

3. Drying Pattern Process: easy to carry without interference signal, safe and stable output; Ensure smooth charging with fireproof materials, anti-drop, wear and corrosion resistance.

4. Compatible with A Variety of Electronic Equipment: compatibility, mobile phones, tablet, mp4 / game consoles, GPS and other USB interface;The device can be recharged on the car, so that your phone at any time charge.

5. The top two-point cigarette expansion, small potted design, multiple security protection, fire PC shell and four-color optional with card slot can be placed pass cards.

6. Multiple Intelligent Protection: security, intelligent, more complex security technology, real material, security and cigarette lighter power supply voltage detection.

7. Card Slot Design Features: high-speed passes can be, fuel cards and other cards directly into the product card slot, the bottom of the dark line LED lights, electric lights, and easy to find the interface at night.